Cross Legacy – Learnings from Apostle John

The Church recently celebrated Easter. Easter marks the crux of the Christian faith. No one in history has ever risen from dead. And, this is not a fictitious story. The only tomb which is open is Jesus’ and it’s the only one which never receives flowers.

From the records of history and the Bible, we see that Jesus was very much people-oriented. He worked on and with people, especially the disciples he chose. One of Jesus’ disciples was John and he was someone just like us. He was envious, proud, vengeful etc.

But he was a transformed man after working with Jesus for 3 1/2 years. He became the disciple of love, reflecting the characters of his master. He carried forward the legacy of Jesus steadfastly until his death.

John became a faithful disciple. When Jesus was crucified, all other disciples fled for their life. John didn’t worry about anything, he was there at the foot of cross closer to his master. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, he stood for his faith along with other disciples amidst severe opposition during his days. He worked with fellow brothers in unity and kept the central focus of passing on the legacy of Jesus. He was considered an elder in the 1st century church, he nurtured people by helping their faith in God. Some of the early churches he founded were at Philadelphia, Smyrna, Pergamos to name a few. At the worst time of exile in the island of Patmos, he was busy writing down the revelation about end times which is the last book in the Bible.

When we see the life of John, it encourages us, how weak may we be, to grow in our faith in God. As we put our trust in God, let us start reflecting the nature of God, which is expressed in the life of Christ. Let us be loving, be united and be an encouragement to our fellow brothers. Let us be a better neighbor, colleague, family member and citizen. Let us take forward the legacy of the Cross.

Written by Isaac Theogaraj. Isaac is passionate about contemporary gospel music, plays bass for Cross Legacy band. Software engineer by profession, he is passionate about theological learning and teaching. He also pursues a degree-level course through TAFTEE.